from by Noll Griffin

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Happy sacrificial knives passing fist to voice to eyes I
don't know if you'll let me go this time

Not when I'm so very easily squeezed to death
Every city thinks I like it best

Bind my luggage to my ribs and pass me land to land
Transmute my love to give, I'll taste myself on other hands

I wanted running off to heal me but it won't
My wasted time still likes to drag me further on from home

I signed off on receipts of damage,
promised I'd do better, what pain can't I manage?

Flushed fake names in train station bathrooms
I close my eyes, sometimes it's like I never met you

Ignoring unknown numbers, naked photos, on my phone
I'll never get my secrets back but I can be alone

And no one knows me when the mourning's breaking down
They macerate the last remains from when I came around

Nowhere on my backbone has a place to graft on wings
My flesh is trickery, I fly away like anything

I wanted giving in to heal me but it won't
My traumatized desires like to drag me further on from home


from Temperance, released August 4, 2015




Noll Griffin Berlin, Germany

The body at the bottom of the haunted lake says hello.

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