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sometimes you have to pour
gasoline on the garbage pit
the abyss grin of crystal teeth
before it tries to hurt you anymore

it's rotted too deep to ignore
make it numb and rupture it
no fence of basement body art and broken promises
can keep it like it was before

when the flames have all forgiven you
and there's no remains left to take home
sink like a splinter in your empty room
isolation is the only heaven you can know

cuz they threatened you with archaic orphan trains
your severed fingers in a shoe box underneath your mother's bed
and others hit on you in clouds of secondhand smoke and motion sickness
dirty mechanic hands and long-stemmed roses made a mockery of your living dead

and everyone was lying when they said they knew your pain
they just wanted your naive introspection
through your doll eyes losing color by the day
learn the art of having nothing nice to give them

don't sleep with the lights off, the dark is not for you
don't sleep like you haven't witnessed all you've been through


from Temperance, released August 4, 2015




Noll Griffin Berlin, Germany

The body at the bottom of the haunted lake says hello.

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